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The Peoples Classic Car Workshop.

Classic Car Solutions has a refreshing, ‘back to basics’ ethos and outlook on the world of classic cars, that offers engine building, restoration, servicing, repairs and various other services. For the team we have created, this is not just a nine to five job – but a full time hobby into which they put all their enthusiasm and undivided attention, to make this the best of experiences for our customers.

Aaron Leto – Been in the world of classic cars from the age of fifteen, and is hugely passionate about cars from all eras. He has a helpful and friendly personality, and will assist anyone with questions. His drive for making dreams a reality helped put this fantastic team together, here at Classic Car solutions. The day to day enquires will be dealt with by Aaron.

With Aaron, we have Andy Nikitits – who has been in the trade since 1989 and has a huge wealth of knowledge, passion and understanding of classic cars.
He built up a previous classic car business, which specialised in Austin Healey’s.

Finally is Rushton Scranage – a true enthusiast for cars of all descriptions, with his own impressive car collection. His love for classics led to him to help create  Classic Car Solutions.

We are based near the Hertfordshire / Bedfordshire  border in a converted barn, surrounded by beautiful countryside, which adds to the friendly atmosphere. Thanks to this, we are able to offer our customers unbeatable value for money and service that will not disappoint.

Along with the beautiful environment, we have created a fabulous, no-nonsense workshop and showroom. Our workshop has the most up-to-date, high tech tools and machinery…all from the 1960s! and our Showroom has a clear layout with a stunning nineteenth Century exposed feature wall, which has been complimented with vehicle-related artwork.

Our location is less than three miles from Luton Rail Station, Luton Airport and Junction 10 of the M1.

The term ‘Classic Car’ does not often go hand in hand with ‘affordable’ or ‘usable’ – but here at Classic Car Solutions we believe that they do! We aim to bring classic cars to the discerning public with reliable, affordable and usable vehicles, which will give the user peace of mind and the maximum amount of enjoyment.

Our expertise spans from 1950’s classics to the late 1990’s retro modern classics, although this does not stop us from working on cars outside our comfort zone. We are always eager to gain further knowledge to enable us to keep improving and perfecting our skills. This is something that we at Classic Car Solutions believe in very strongly. We can appreciate leaving a car in the way it left the factory, but can also understand that making subtle improvements or to redesign slightly, may create a more enjoyable, usable classic car for the new owner.

Discover who we are and how we can help you. Thank you for your interest and we hope to see you soon.

Classic Car Solutions
Classic Car Solutions
Classic Car Solutions

Meet the Team

Aaron Leto

Aaron Leto

From the age of fifteen, I started work as an Apprentice for a local classic car garage and so began my journey into love of classic cars. At seventeen I was set a challenge to complete a ZeTec conversion on an MG Midget in just two months! It was the beginning of November and the conversion had to be completed by Christmas Day. If successful, I could keep the car. Long story short – the MG Midget was completed on Christmas Eve…and the rest is history!

I was working full time at a classic car workshop to learn the different areas of classic car restoration and have had the pleasure of working on many wonderful cars – Aston Martins, Austin Healeys, Ferraris, and different racing cars, to name a few. While I was learning on the job, I was also teaching myself with my own projects, working in my spare time. After buying, renovating and selling various cars of my own, I was then put me in charge of the Sales Department – a position I held for two years, but then made the decision to say goodbye, to achieve my own ambitions. I am now running the workshop here, at Classic Car Solutions accomplishing what I have always wanted to do.

Rushton Scranage

Rushton Scranage

I have lived in Harpenden nearly all my life and have a very different, but thriving, business in London.

I own a small collection of both older, and the more recent, classic cars. I met Aaron and Andy through being a past customer, where I was helped to buy and restore some of my cars.

So, with Aaron’s and Andy’s skills and knowledge, alongside my financial support, the dream of Classic Car Solutions has become a reality.



The Guard Dog… Woof woof.

I may try to herd your car as they all look like big sheep to me!

Andy Nikitits

Andy Nikitits

The first car that I bought at the age of fifteen was a Triumph Spitfire MK3, which I restored over two years, having it ready for use when I turned seventeen. My first job was rebuilding jet engines, which taught me a lot of engineering skills to use to my advantage later in life.

In 1989 I teamed up with a chap called Peter Bell, who invented the first plastic petrol jerry can, and out of nowhere I found myself with the opportunity to create a classic car workshop. I began as an Austin Healey specialist, until 2011 when it was sold to a good customer of mine.

Since then, the direction changed from Austin Healeys to Aston Martins and Ferraris, so I learned about these from the inside out, and later was lucky enough to work on a huge variety of cars – from a 1913 Rover, to creating one-off specials, such as a TVR based Jenson and a DB6 Volante. Over the years I have worked on painting, to full restorations, and everything in between.

I continued working for my previous company up until mid 2017, but when they moved location, I decided to depart – but with Aaron, retained the original premises, where we are starting again from scratch.

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