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At Classic Car Solutions we offer a wide variety of services and skills to help anyone who owns, or is looking for, a classic car.


Our highly skilled engine builder has a huge wealth of knowledge over the years. Our attention to detail and accuracy is what puts us ahead of the game and as a result of this we get impressive power figures. However it’s not all about power, our engines are smooth and more importantly, incredibly reliable.


We offer consignment services for both buying and selling cars, and if you are looking for a particular classic – or need guidance on what to buy – we have the knowledge and ability to point you in the right direction. We are able to view and inspect cars for you, and write a vehicle condition report, which may be added to the History File.

If you own a car and are looking to sell, we can take the car in as one of our own, and will inspect, service and prep for sale. Once this is complete, we can photograph and create a detailed description and have the car advertised on all the top websites to obtain maximum exposure.

Servicing & Restoration

Classic cars are a joy to drive and to own, and if well looked after, will give many miles of stress free motoring. Our team is very familiar with the way classic cars operate, and thanks to this, our servicing and restoration techniques are adjusted to suit. By using the correct oil, adjusting tappets and ignition timing, cleaning and measuring points gaps, you may be assured that while your car is with us, it is in good hands.


We go the extra mile to ensure that all classic cars leave us correctly tuned, and running just as they ought. Everything from carburettor adjustment and cleaning, to timing and ignition will be looked at.


All cars suffer from corrosion, car park knocks, and general wear and tear, but fear not, as our team is able to assist with any cosmetic imperfections, and deal with problems – including welding in new strong metal, and painting car panels. This means that we are more than capable of having any classic car looking one hundred per cent again. We really are able to turn back the hands of time and make your classic car look new once again… unfortunately, this does not apply to the owners!

As well as this, we have a highly skilled Panel Beating Workshop on site, and although this is not part of Classic Car Solutions, we can highly recommend these people to anyone in need of high-level finish panel work.

Pre MOT check

Certain old cars do not now require an MOT by law, but if you would like peace of mind, we offer a checkover service to ensure that your classic car is fit for the road. If your car does have to be MOT’d, we will be pleased to inspect and highlight any areas that may cause your car to fail the test.

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